One of the 8 types of exotoxes of Clostridium botulinum bacteria.

First human application is in 1980.

Used for the first time in the treatment of stabismus and blepharospasm first cosmetic use is in 1992.


Other Application Areas

  • Neck botox
  • Micro botox
  • Hair botox
  • Bruxsism (masseter botox)
  • Treatment of migraine or cluster type headache
  • Excessive salivation secretion
  • Treatment of torticollis
  • Armpit sweating botox
  • In the treatment of hand and foot sweating

Recommendations After Application

  • Make mimic the first 2 hours
  • Do not lean forward or recline for the first 6 hours
  • It is usually recommended that the patient should lie on the head and not lie on the first day 
  • Effect starts on day 3, sits on day 10
  • Keep in warm environments such as baths or grounds until the impact is seated
  • Do not drink muscle relaxant
  • Do not drink alcohol
  • Do not massage your face (first 6 hours)
  • Do not exercise (first day) 
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