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Our 20 years of health experience in Turkey requiring treatment and this treatment is to consult medical tourism we set for those who want to make with both the private hospital conditions much more cost-effective services by using our company, your treatment with the support of our local consulting team, we aim to provide you transform the vacation experience.

Both historical and cultural richness, as well as Turkey and the level of development in the health field, geographical and strategic position, approved service quality, climate, in 3 different continents, four-hour flight distance, to have access to 1.5 billion people, modern hospitals, skilled manpower, It offers world-class health services with its expert doctors, technological infrastructure and experience.

Many private hospitals in Turkey’s service quality has been approved by the world-renowned accreditation agencies. JCI (Joint Commissions International / Joint Commission International) accredited with 37 hospitals, 3 laboratories, one transport vehicle and one outpatient centre with a total of 42 health institutions, including Turkey ranks second in the world.

Turkey, the health sector has very well-trained and educated manpower. There is no problem in communicating with doctors and healthcare professionals who speak foreign languages. 

Service users can easily get answers to any questions that arise in mind.

We invite you to experience this journey with our experts.

Why Turkey?

  • health service quality
  • Competitive price advantages
  • Personal and various services
  • Number of accredited health institutions and organisations
  • Flexibility 
  • Cultural heritage 

Visitors coming to Turkey for health or medical reasons (2012-2019)


YearsTotal Health and medical reasons
(Less than 1 year)
Health and medical reasons
(Less than 1 year)
Citizen (residing abroad)
Health and medical reasons
(Less than 1 year)
2019 (First 3 Quarters)493.464413.27480.189

Would you like a nurse to accompany you through your Journey to Beauty?

Do you know how does a nurse assist you on your journey to beauty?

A nurse companion to assist you with any medical-related services before, during and after the operation, hospital visits and after-care of your treatment at designated accommodation.

These services may contain correct application of prescribed medication such as injections, pills, dressing the operated area etc. Once the doctors give confirmation of travelling, the nurse will accompany you back to your destination.

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